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The Wilds- Direct PH: 740-638-5030

Welcome to The Wilds - North America’s largest Conservation Facility for Endangered Species

Designated a “Great Ohio Adventure in Learning by the State of Ohio”

Noble County, Ohio has always had the scenic landscapes, but we didn’t always have the rhinos and giraffes. It just seems so unbelievable to even drive by the park and see these types of animals off in the distance. Then to think you can take a bus tour through the park and be right there. A unique feature is how the animals seem to blend in with the acres and acres of rolling hills and meadows, which is now their home. They just seem to appear anywhere!

Aside from the animals, other things you will find at The Wilds include a restaurant, gift shop, and educational displays. Many special activities, bird watching, hiking, educational seminars, overnight camps, day camps and group retreats.

No, you don’t have to travel around the world to see North America’s largest Conservation Facility for Endangered Species. You just go to Noble County and get off I-77 at Belle Valley Exit 28. From that point take SR 340 West through Cumberland to International Road. Another popular option for visitor’s originates at Caldwell’s I-77 Exit 25. Traveling West on SR 78 allows you to first visit the Big Muskie Bucket/Miner’s Memorial. After that, just backtrack to SR 83 North, which takes you through Cumberland to SR 340 and finally International Road.

For more information on The Wilds call: (740) 638-5030

Now that we've told you a little of what to expect when you visit The Wilds, we're gonna let you discover for yourself why it's a must-see experience! Normally you'd have to take a bus tour, but today we're gonna give you special privileges. You're the guide! You're the driver!

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