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Soakum Festival

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The Soakum Festival is held the last Saturday weekend of September and depicts frontierlife in the 1800’s. In recent years the Festival was recognized by the Ohio Historical Society as a recipient of the State’s Education Award. The setting of Heritage Park (just off Caldwell Exit 25 on the Noble County Fairgrounds) features a one-room school, church, log cabin and covered bridge that take a page right out of Little House On The Prairie’s Walnut Grove. Town’s people dress in period costumes while a host of Appalachian crafters, numerous displays, great food and many activities add to the excitement! Step back in time for a great learning experience the whole family will truly love!

Noble County once had a little town called Soakum. The real name was Matrim, but because of the sky-high liquor prices the townspeople charged their guests, it was better known as Soakum.

Soakum was about 25 miles ( a day's travel by horse and wagon) from Marietta, Ohio's first settlement. Soakum was well placed to capitalize on the needs of travelers, being along Duck Creek. Corn squeezins and applejack were plentiful, however the town faded from the Noble County scene well before 1900.

Take the Tour! Page 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7
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