Photos courtesy of David Cater unless otherwise noted.


The Big Muskie Bucket and Miners' Memorial Park

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Remember how Big Muskie's Bucket dwarfed the automobile on the previous page. Now take a look at how the Bucket is dwarfed by Big Muskie. Not even surrounding hills could conceal Big Muskie's size. The machine was big in every way and stood tall and majestic even when seen miles in the distance. Shown above during operation by Central Ohio Coal of American Electric Power, the huge machine was capable of taking a 320 ton bite of earth from one location, pivoting, and then depositing it some 600 feet away. In other words, if the machine were working in the closed end of the famous Horseshoe Stadium of the Ohio State Buckeyes , it could remove dirt from that end, swing around, and then deposit it outside the open portion of the shoe on the opposite end. Unfortunately, the bucket is all we have today, but that's still quite a lot! Visit Noble County and we'll tell you how to see it. In the meantime enjoy the photographs, review the statistics, and study it's history. The size and mystique of this one-of-a-kind machine is so incredible that you'll be captured forever with fascination and disbelief