Photos courtesy of David Cater unless otherwise noted.


The Big Muskie Bucket and Miners' Memorial Park

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Designated a “Great Ohio Adventure of Learning” by the State of Ohio Division of Travel & Tourism.

Southeastern Ohio has some truly amazing things and the following provides some of our strongest documentation! The Big Muskie Bucket is the centerpiece of Miner’s Memorial Park located just 16 miles West of Caldwell I-77 Exit 25 and right along SR 78. This artifact has generated unbelievable interest from young and old all across the United States and from around the world! Why?

The Big Muskie was the World’s Largest Dragline and one of the seven engineering wonders of the world! The machine has even been featured on the History Channel! The Bucket weighs 460,000 pounds empty and when loaded carried an additional 640,000 pounds. It’s volume is equal to that of a 12 car garage. Can you imagine what Big Muskie must have been like to even move such an object, let alone maneuver it effectively?

The Big Muskie Bucket and Miner’s Memorial is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind destination. The site represents a major piece of history and assures that the mining men and women of Southeastern Ohio will never be forgotten.

To learn more, study the history of Big Muskie on the following pages and discover a Hidden Corridor, which is the only place in the world where you can still go inside the cab and even read inscriptions on the walls! Study the photographs, review the statistics, and then visit the Memorial. Take a picture of your family in the Big Muskie Bucket with your car parked next to it. We guarantee you’ll be captured forever with fascination and disbelief!