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This web site courtesy of Noble County Tourism and funded in part by the State of Ohio TANF Program. Web design by Suzanna.Net in affiliation with David Cater. Photos courtesy of David Cater and Jim Langston unless otherwise noted.

Historical Photo Album

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The Noble County Flag was designed by Charles Stoneking and accepted
by the Noble County commissioners as the official county flag in 1985.
Mr. Stoneking was one of the serving commissioners at that time.

The design of the flag is a red background with a white circle
surrounding a navy blue N with 15 white stars on the N. The circle
stands for the state of Ohio, the N for Noble County and the stars
for the 15 townships in Noble County. The red, white and blue colors
were selected to identify with the United States of America.

Photo courtesy of Mike Neilson and the Daily Jeffersonian

This is a picture of the Big Muskie Bucket in the Fall of 1999, as it was being moved to it's new home in the Miner's Memorial near Caldwell I-77 Exit 25. The heavy duty transporter is actually stuck in the road embankment because of the heavy load, which weighed over 460,000 pounds. The Big Muskie itself was One of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the World and to this day the Bucket still attracts great interest from people all over the world. To help document this fact, the Bucket and Miner's Memorial was just designated a Great Ohio Adventure in Learning by the State of Ohio. For more on the Big Muskie and Miner's Memorial go to our Historical Sites and Attractions Page. Make sure you find the Hidden Corridor that allows you to enter the cab of Big Muskie.

The Thorla-McKee Well- First Oil Producing Well In North America
-within 1 mile of Caldwell I-77 Exit 25.

Aside from being recognized by the Ohio Historical Society, the site was also recently designated a Great Ohio Adventure In Learning by the State of Ohio's Division of Travel & Tourism. For complete history of the Thorla-McKee Well visit our Attractions Page.

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